Condensed Courses


Classes not beginning and ending with the regular terms will have different registration, drop, and refund dates. For deadlines that fall on the weekend, requests must be submitted to the Registrar's Office by the last business day before the deadline, or drops/withdrawals must be completed through the online drop process by 11:59 pm CDT the day of the deadline.

Below is a list of the condensed courses offered by term, and the dates that correspond with each course.


  Summer 2020 Condensed Course List Fall 2020 Condensed Course List


Full-term course
- Any 15-week course beginning and ending with the standard term as defined in the Academic Calendar contact the Student Accounts Office ((479) 968-0271 or for more information on refund dates.

Condensed course - any course not beginning and ending with the regular, 15-week full-term courses


 For more information and important dates, see the Academic Calendar.