Learning Labs


Hospitality Administration 

Williamson Food Lab & Dining Room

The Williamson Food Lab and Dining Room provide state-of-the-art facilities for: HA 4986 Advanced Food Production; HA 2913 Principles of food Preparation;  HA 2063 Guest Service Management, HA 2073 Introduction to Event Management,  and HA 3183 Catering and Event Management as well as special topic courses in take-out, coffee shops, and food trucks. 

The facilities are used during the daytime, evenings and weekends. The student organization, Hospitality Society, uses the facility for fund raising events. Supervision by a member of the faculty is required during these times. The facilities are available to students.

The Event Coordinator schedules special events throughout the semester including meals, banquets, and buffets for the general public to provide students with experience in the food lab and dining room.

Recreation & Park Administration 

Learning Labs

A resource room for students to study and collaborate with other students is located at 1205 N El Paso. A networked computer lab with PCs is also located at 1205 N El Paso.