Hospitality Administration Course Syllabi


HA 1013: Sanitation Safety

HA 1043: Introduction to Hospitality Management

HA 1063: Hospitality Technology

HA 1923: Introduction to Food and Beverage Management

HA 2003: Cost Controls

HA 2023: Hospitality Supervision and Leadership

HA 2043: Front Office Management

HA 2053: Work Experience

HA 2063: Guest Service Management

HA 2133: Introduction to Travel and Tourism

HA 2813: Basic Human Nutrition in Hospitality Administration

HA 2913: Principles of Food Preparations

HA 3133: Tourism Planning

HA 3143: Executive Housekeeping

HA 4001: Internship Preparation

HA 4013: Hospitality Marketing and Sales

HA 4023: Hospitality Facilities Management and Design

HA 4033: Legal Aspects of Hospitality Administration

HA 4053: Meetings and Conventions Management

HA 4063: Beverage Management

HA 4073: Hospitality Financial Analysis

HA 4093: Resort Management

HA 4113: Personnel Management in Parks, Recreation, and Hospitality Administration

HA 4116: Internship

Internship Manual

HA 4203: Hospitality Operational Problem Solving

HA 4243: Advanced Lodging Operations Management

HA 4253: Club Management

HA 4983: Advanced Food Production





Note: Updated October, 2014