COVID-19-related Accommodations PROTOCOL for Students

It is possible that some students will self-identify as having underlying health conditions that enhance the risk from COVID-19 and thus limit their ability to attend face-to-face classes. Students who have health conditions that compromise their immunities or put them at greater risk of a severe illness if they contract COVID-19, may apply for accommodations from the University through the Office of Disability Services. Students who live with a vulnerable family member may also request online instruction by having that person's physician complete the physician form, using the "Other" line to indicate the person's condition and relationship to the student. These will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

These accommodations include virtual class attendance and participation, submission of assignments, and virtual testing, as well as waiving the requirement to live on campus or attend on-campus activities. According to the Centers for Disease Control. some conditions associated with higher risk may include conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic lung, kidney or liver disease, diabetes, or moderate to severe asthma. As these conditions change per the CDC, the physician certification form will be updated to reflect updated CDC information.

Steps to apply for accommodations


  1. Students who have concerns about vulnerability to COVID-19 may seek temporary COVID-19 accommodations through the Office of Disability Services by calling 479- 968- 0302 or emailing They will be sent a healthcare provider certification form. The student will return the completed form with a healthcare provider signature to or faxed to (479) 968-0375.

  2. A staff member in the Office of Disability Services will review the healthcare provider certification form and communicate next steps to the student via their ATU email account. The Disability Services professional will utilize resources such as CDC and ADH guidance in making decisions about temporary accommodations. If approved, the Office of Disability Services will provide the student with a letter to give their faculty members stating their approval for COVID-19 accommodations. This letter will not indicate the nature of the condition but will suffice as notification of the accommodation.

  3. Some students' requests may be more complex or their conditions more difficult to verify using the form; those students may be asked to provide additional information through the Disability Services application, as well as more detailed health records.

  4. Student should monitor the ATU email account for an email from with information about next steps, which may include
    a virtual or phone intake meeting to gather more information.

  5. The Disability Services professional will consider all documentation and information shared during the intake to determine whether it is reasonable to approve these complex requests and which accommodations would be most appropriate to remove any associated barriers. These accommodations will be communicated to the student and the faculty members of the student.


Contact the Office of Disability Services

Phone: (479) 968-0375