Student Success Workshops


Your hub for student success workshops, presentations, and resources. Below you will find sections dedicated to a variety of topics related to student academic success, each of which have presentations, handouts, and external links to additional resources.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to set up an appointment to further discuss these topics email us at

Setting goals is important, but so it how you set your goals and follow through on them. 

Tools & Handouts for Goal Setting: 

Articles on Goal Setting: 

  • What are Goals? Achieve More By Changing your Perspectives.
  • 16 Best Podcasts on Motivation to Help You Reach Your Goals
  • Questolutions setting resolutions by asking questions

Other Videos on Goal Setting:

Want to know more about your learning style and how to maximize your time learning or studying to work with your learning style instead of against it?

Tools & Resources based on learning strategy:

  • VARK Learning Assessment, learn more about your learning style by completing the VARK Learning Styles assessment and the post assessment report. 
  • Read & Write Gold is a text to speech software that can turn written material into spoken material. Once you click on the link, you will need to sign in using your ATU username and password to access the program. (Auditory)
  • One Note is a note taking application that allows the user to digitize notes and easily add tables, graphs, pictures, and other visual cues.  (Visual, Read/Write)
  • Audio books or podcasts can turn written materials/information into spoken material (Auditory)
  • Brainscape is a flash card application that allows users to use premade decks or create their own.  This can create visual cues for learning or can be a way to review your own written material (Visual, Read/Write)
  • Pomodoro Technique can break up studying or learning time blocks which can be especially for Kinesthetic learners. 
  • Gamify learning by acting it out or creating other game like scenarios to physically engage with the material (Kinesthetic)
  • Move, even if it is a little bit while studying. You can use a standing desk, book stand, an audiobook or other tool to make this happen (kinesthetic). 
  • Canva is a graphic design platform, but it can be used to make visual notes to show connections, label diagrams, and more. 

 The strategy you use to read for class can make all the difference.  Dig into the SQ3R method to learn more about reading for comprehension. 

Learn to best your test with these test prep resources.

Helpful Handouts:

  • Test Preparation & Planner is a good resource and checklist of things to do prior to your exam to set yourself up for success. It also features a test planner so you can see some basic information about the exams on your horizon.
  • Test Error Audit: use this to audit the errors you made while testing. By creating awareness of pitfalls you can avoid them through test preparation.

Additional Resources

Learn more about effectively managing your time though boundaries, self management, and proper planning. 

Helpful Handouts:

  • Time Tracker use this worksheet to audit how you spend your time for a week. Once you have tracked your time reflect on how you used your time, what you want to change, and if you have enough time for everything you are trying to fit into your week. 
  • How Well Do You Plan use this worksheet to assess your planning skills.
  • To Do List & Prioritization Planner can be used to prioritize your to do list and can help you focus your efforts on what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. 

External Resources: 

  • Tools & applications that promote productivity and prioritization.
  • Microsoft to do is an electronic to do list and reminder app. Get it on: Android | Apple | Web
  • Blocksite is a chrome browser extension that allows users to block websites that are distracting, set work times, and break timers.