In order to increase convenience in the hustle and bustle of daily life, meal plans allow students at Arkansas Tech University-Ozark Campus to use their student ID like a debit card for food. Its easy, fast and in the long run saves you money.

A meal plan is an on-campus meal service in the Ozark Campus Cafe located in the Alvin F. Vest Student Union. Each plan combines a number of predetermined meals with a fixed amount of declining balance dollars.


10 Meals + $165 DCB = Purchase Balance of $230

20 Meals + $280 DCB = Purchase Balance of $410

30 Meals + $420 DCB  = Purchasing Balance of $615

(DCB = Declining Balance)

 Meal plans may be charged to your financial aid for a limited time at the beginning of a semester, ending with disbursement of that aid. Meal plans are also available to purchase with cash or credit card at any point during the semester.

A $410 meal plan gets you 20 meals and $280 worth of declining balance, which can be used for anything in the Ozark Campus Cafe. A "meal" is considered to consist of an entree, a side, and a drink. Declining balance spends the same as cash. 

More information is available at Student Accounts in the Student Services Conference Center.