Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of early morning inclement weather conditions, Arkansas Tech University's Presidents Office will determine whether this inclement weather policy will be placed into effect and will announce its implementation before 6:30 a.m. if at all possible.

On days covered by the inclement weather policy, all employees should arrive at work by 10 a.m. to receive credit for a full days work. Employees arriving after 10 a.m. must use annual leave for the amount of time involved in the tardiness, and employees not coming to work at all must use a full days annual leave.

During the inclement weather policy, all classes will be cancelled.

When Arkansas Tech-Ozark is closed for inclement weather, the following television and radio stations will be notified by 6 a.m.:

  • KTCS Fort Smith
  • KDYN 96.7 Ozark
  • KHBS 40/29 Fort Smith
  • KFSM Channel 5 Fort Smith
  • KARK 4
  • KISR 93.7 Radio
  • B98 Radio 97.9
  • KMAG 99.1 Radio
  • Big Dog 95.9 Radio

When daytime classes are cancelled, night classes are also cancelled. Some parts of the region experience inclement weather when the immediate Arkansas Tech-Ozark area does not. Even though the campus is not closed in these events, all faculty, staff, and students are advised to use their judgment in determining if the roads are safe to travel.

Remember, your safety is our utmost concern. Please note that our campus emergency notification text system and OneTech will be used to notify faculty, staff and students of campus closure due to inclement weather.

Additionally, all closings and delays will be posted on,, the university Facebook page and the university Twitter account.

Notification Examples

Campus Closed - All classes are canceled and all offices are closed.

Night Classes Canceled - All classes beginning after 5:00 pm are cancelled.