Certificate of Proficiency |  Ozark Campus  |  In-Person or Blended

The classes required are offered in a blended format. Platform classes may be available online. Phlebotomy classes are provided as blended with some class time being provided in the actual classroom and meeting for lab at least once a week performing procedures/skill checks in person during a lab with the other class members.

This area of concentration is designed for beginning allied health students and practitioners who are responsible for blood specimen collections. The goal is to link novice health care workers to the most updated standards of phlebotomy that are basic, yet essential for safe and effective specimen collection.

The classroom will consist of 40 clock hours of training including anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system, specimen collection, specimen processing and handling, and laboratory operations including safety and quality control.

The practicum consists of at least 100 clock hours of clinical training and orientation in an accredited laboratory with a minimum performance of 100 successful unaided blood collections including venipunctures and skin punctures.

Students are trained to work as phlebotomists in a hospital or medical laboratory setting.

Hands-on Learning Opportunities

  • Students hone their skills by practicing with other classmates.
  • Students apply their training in the Phlebotomy Practicum course which involves scheduled time in a medical laboratory drawing blood from a variety of patients.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Active listening
  • HIPPA rules
  • Infection control
  • Lab safety
  • Problem-solving skills for entry-level phlebotomists
  • Standard precautions for phlebotomists


About This Degree


Students living in states bordering Arkansas receive in-state tuition.

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify. The Arkansas Tech University school code to use on the FAFSA is 001089.

The AR Futures grant could cover your expenses for this credential. Check credential eligibility

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You could work as a(n):

  • Phlebotomist at clinic
  • Phlebotomist at a hospital laboratory

Alumni of our program work at:

  • Baptist Medical
  • Mercy Hospital
  • St. Mary's Hospital


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Credentials that stack with this degree:

  • AAS of CVT
  • AAS of HIT
  • AAS of Humans Services
  • AAS of LPN
  • AAS of Medical Assisting
  • AAS of OTA
  • AAS of PTA
  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Health Information Management

Point of Pride

Upon successful completion of the Phlebotomy program, students have the possibility to take a certification exam if desired, but it is not required to be awarded a certificate.


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