Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems provides for a study of components, circuits, instruments and control techniques used with Industrial Automated Systems. Students will develop skill sets which enable the integration of: electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and computer controls.

The focus of study is on two main areas, one of which is control techniques for industrial components, such as electric motors, variable-speed drives, programmable logic controllers, servomechanisms and sensors. The computer system area of concentration will allow the student to have an understanding of how to repair, upgrade or network a complete computer system, both hardware and software.

The intent of this program is to prepare the student to deal with a broad concept of automation technology. The diverse educational training provides for a host of integrated skills that can be applied in a variety of job contexts to include: green energy technology, electronics, medical, manufacturing and production.


Program Chair
Ron Hutain
Electronics Building
(479) 508-3328


Jody Chrisman
Electronics Building
(479) 508-3329