Getting Started

Whether you are in the beginning stages of developing your idea or are ready to submit an application, the Office of Sponsored Programs and University Initiatives is available to help. OSPUI provides many services to assist with the proposal process including searching for funding opportunities, helping to create or reviewing a budget, proof reading applications and collecting appropriate institutional administrative sigantures. Please see the steps below to help you get started and see how OSPUI can work best for you.

1. Develop an Idea

Think about what you would specifically like to do. Who will this benefit? How will this contribute to your field? What resources are needed? Will you collaborate with a collegue? Another institution? Use our Proposal Development Form to assist in the brainstorming process.

2. Find Funding

There are many useful tools available online to help search for funding opportunities, including, GrantForward, or our Funding Sources page. It is also helpful to subscribe to listservs in your field of study which will frequently email open solicitations. 

3. Contact OSPUI

Contact the OSPUI when you have found an agency you would like to approach for funding. We will review the eligibility requirements, double check the due dates, and discuss all of the required proposal componants with you to ensure nothing is overlooked. You will also need to submit a Proposal Development Form to help give us an overview of your project. 

4. Start Writing!

You should start writing your proposal as soon as you can. Often, there is only a short window of time between when the solicitation announcement is posted to the closing date. You need to allow adequate time to review and edit your proposal, finalize the budget and justification, and address any unanswered questions. OSPUI is here to help along the way and is always available to interpret the solicitation, contact the program director, and collect the necessary institution approvals. For writing tips please visit our Proposal Development page

5. Collect Institution Approval Forms

All funding applications need to be submitted to OSPUI with the appropriate approval forms. They can be emailed at any time or found on our Forms page. You will need to collect the signature of your department head and dean and OSPUI will collect the rest. 

6. Submit to OSPUI

Send your proposal with the completed institutional forms to OSPUI. It will be reviewed for spelling and grammar errors and to ensure that all requirements from the solicitation are addressed. Your proposal will need to be submitted to OSPUI at least 5 days before the due date to allow for review and distribution to the appropriate administrative personnel for approval. Typically, the review process will take less time if OSPUI is involved with assisting in proposal preparation from the beginning.

7. Wait, Wait, Wait

OSPUI will submit all proposals on behalf of the institution. We will always keep you posted, but it may take a while to hear a response from the funding agency. We will contact you as soon as we have any news. 

If you have any questions about the process or would like more information, please feel free to use the Contact Us page to send us a message.