Proposal Development



Any faculty or staff seeking grant funding should notify the Office of Sponsored Programs and University Initiatives (OSPUI). It is strongly encouraged for faculty to utilize or SPIN to search for appropriate funding sources. Once a funding source is located, the faculty member should schedule a meeting with OSPUI to formalize a timeline for proposal development and submission. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to write the research of the proposal; however, OPSUI is available to assist in areas such as: developing a budget, determining eligibility, interpreting solicitation guidelines, preparing necessary government forms (SF-424), reviewing the proposal, and completing institutional information the faculty member may not have immediate access to. Once the entire proposal is complete, the faculty member needs to complete the University Approval to Submit Proposal Form and obtain the signatures of his or her department head and dean. At this time, he or she needs to submit the Approval to Submit Proposal Form with the entire proposal to OPSUI for the final internal approval(s).

OPSUI will the review the proposal in its entirety; therefore, all parts of the proposal are needed, not only the project narrative. Formatting is imperative to granting agencies; therefore, OSPUI will review the proposal against the solicitation to ensure all guidelines are met. Other items to be reviewed include, but are not limited to: the budget, spelling and grammar, and university commitments. Changes requested by OSPUI are not meant to deter faculty but to increase the proposal’s chances of funding.

The entire proposal should be delivered to OSPUI no less than 5 business days before the due date. Proposals delivered less than 5 business day have no guarantee of being submitted to the funding agency.