Transfer-Enrolling Fall

TECHConnect is a comprehensive orientation experience for all incoming students. The TECHConnect experience includes an online pre-orientation program called, Start Strong, and a one-day on-campus orientation held just before classes begin in August! Throughout all these experiences students become more familiar with campus, learn about involvement opportunities and campus resources, and meet other new students while connecting with current student leaders.

Check out the chart below for more detailed information about all aspects of TECHConnect!


TECHConnect:Transfer will be held Tuesday, August 17, 2021. 

This program will help you become more familiar with campus, connect you with other new transfer students as well as current student leaders and you'll discover ways to get involved and engage in campus life. All students are expected to attend transfer orientation and should plan to be on campus for the majority of the day


2021 Transfer Orientation Schedule 

 While the Transfer Orientation program is only one day, August 17, there are other orientation activities happening Saturday-Monday, August 14-17, 2021.  All new transfer students are invited and encouraged to participate in any event or activity that is on the schedule!  Research shows that attendance at orientation and engagement in campus activities greatly increases a student's sense-of-belonging to campus and improves their GPA! 

2021 Orientation events 

While we encourage all transfer students to attend the on-campus orientation program, we understand that it may not be an option for certain students. It is important to us that you still have access to the orientation sessions and are able to make connections with other incoming students and current student leaders. Please check out the information below on how to access the virtual orientation program. 

Information about the Virtual Transfer Orientation will be available in May 2021. Students who would like more detailed information now should email

Detailed information available May 2021 

ATU Ready, the online pre-orientation, is designed to help new students complete all of their to-do list items, learn more about the campus resources available for their success and stay connected with their new university community throughout the summer. ATU Ready, which is hosted on TheLink, has five sections:

  • The TECH Basics 
  • Academic Success
  • Safety and Wellness
  • Campus Finances
  • TECH Talks

Start Strong will be available May 15, 2021. All experiences should be completed by August 1, 2021.




Students who are living on campus will be able to move into their residence hall on the first day of TECHConnect 2021. For more information about applying for housing and the move-in process, please check out the Residence Life website. 

Office of Residence Life


All students under the age of 21 are expected to live on campus. Students who have earned 60 credits or those that live with a legal guardian within a 30 mile radius of campus can apply for a commuter exemption. Click on the link below for more information and to complete the exemption form by August 1, 2021. 


TECH Talks is a summer workshop series designed to help students stay connected to the ATU community and learn more about the opportunities for involvement and resources for their success.  This virtual programs allows incoming students the chance to chat with current student leaders and begin to build their TECH experience.  

TECH Talks will be available beginning July 2021. 

Am I required to complete/attend TECHConnect Orientation?

TECHConnect:Transfer Orientation is required and attendance is integral to your transition to the University. Transfer students are expected tp attend Transfer Orientation and are strongly encouraged to attend events designed for all new students.

The choice to attend is similar to the decisions you’ll be making every day of your undergraduate career—whether to attend class or not, whether to meet with your academic adviser or not, or whether to get involved in student activities. To help you balance your self-care during TECHConnect, while maximizing your experience, your Orientation Leader can help you identify down times during TECHConnect when you can recharge.

Just like regular class attendance has a positive impact on academic success, attending TECHConnect will enhance your academic experience by helping you get acquainted with Arkansas Tech and build a sense of community…before your first semester starts. TECHConnect is the University’s way of ensuring you have a purposeful start to your college journey. 

How do I register for the on-campus TECHConnect Orientation?

Registration is not required for the TECHConnect Orientation. All students are enrolled in a 1ATU class which automatically signs students up for the fall 2021 orientation program. 

How do I complete ATU Ready?

Completing ATU Ready is a great way to know that you are ready to start classes in the fall. Click on the "ATU Ready" link above for more information and how to access the online pre-orientation, which is hosted through "The Link."