2020 TECHConnect Orientation Leader



We are excited to welcome you to the 2020 Orientation Team!  This selection process was not easy, so take a minute and congratulate yourself on this acomplishment!  ATU Orientation is going through lots of changes right now, but the one thing that is not changing is the excellent student leaders we hire to welcome new students and guests. Your dedication to the university and the ATU Class of 2024 is what makes this program successful!  We can't wait to starting working with you and helping you become the leader you want to be!  Again, congratulations and welcome to the 2020 Orientation Leader team.

Colton & Meighan


Please complete the following steps to accept your OL position



Print out, sign and submit the contract for the position you were offered.  You will be held accountable for the information in this contract, so please make sure to review it carefully before turning it in.  Contracts must be submitted to the Campus Life front desk by Monday, March 2 @ 5:00 pm to accept the position.  

2020 TECHCONNECT OL CONTRACT                            2020 Green & Gold Team CONTRACT


Sign up for the in-person training sessions for March and April.  Each month has two training dates. You are required to attend ONE  training session each month. If you are unable to attend any training session please email Colton Watson ASAP to see if alternate arrangements can be made.  As the dates of the training sessions were avaialble with the application, limited exceptions will be considered. 

                                                     March Training Session                                              April Training Session


Download the SLACK App on your iPhone or Android phone using your ATU email address. We will explain how we will be using this app during our training session in March. Please make sure to have it downloaded before attending the March 10 or 11 training session. 


If you have any questions about the TECHConnect OL position or the Green and Gold Team or would like to discuss any of the required dates or expectations please contact Meighan Burke at mburke1@atu.edu