Preparing for life after college

You’re preparing to graduate from ATU. That’s a significant accomplishment, and you should be proud. This webpage contains information about:





Here are the steps that you’ll need to complete to make sure you finish out your degree requirements and help you make the transition to a proud ATU alum.



What to do in the first semester of your Last year

You are several months out from graduation. Here's what you need to be doing to set yourself up for success:

1. Read the Graduation Checklist

The Registrar's Office provides a checklist for upcoming graduates on their website. Follow the checklist throughout your final year to make sure you meet all graduation requirements.

Access the Graduation Checklist


2. Consider Graduate School

Would your undergraduate degree or future career be enhanced by a graduate degree? Now is the time to start thinking about graduate studies if that is something you are interested in. ATU has over 25 graduate degree options and many can be completed online. Our Graduate Admissions staff is ready to help you find the program that is right for you.

Visit Graduate College Website


3. Meet with Career Services

If you've already been working with Career Services throughout your time here - great! If not, early in your final year is a great time to start.

Career Service provides career fairs, free networking help, resume feedback, interview preparation, and career coaching. Both current students and alumni have access to the Career Services office's resources so you never lose ATU's support - even after graduation.

Visit Career Services Website




What to do in your Final semester

You are just a few months from graduation. Here's what you need to be doing to set yourself up for success:

1. Update your mailing address on OneTech

Make sure to update your address in OneTech for where you’ll be after graduation. This is where your diploma will be mailed. 

Access OneTech


2. Get Ready for Graduation

To prepare for taking part in the graduation ceremony, check DegreeWorks to make sure you you have completed all graduation requirements. The graduation website has details for ordering your cap and gown. 



3. Wrap Up Any Financial Needs

If you took out student loans, start thinking about your repayment strategy. Additionally, you may have to complete an exit interview with the company who serviced your loan. The TechSense website has several student loan resources. 

Visit TechSense Website




What to do shortly before and after graduation

Your graduation is here. Congratulations on your accomplishments. Now its time to transition to alumni life.


1. Check the Graduation Ceremony Website and your ATU email

Any information about your graduation ceremony will be communication via the Graduation website and your ATU email address.

Visit Graduation Website


2. Get involved with the Alumni Association

After graduation, set up your alumni association login and begin following the Alumni Association on social media. As a young alum, give back through volunteering on campus, joining an alumni chapter in your community, or serve on the Young Alumni Council. Plus, update the alumni association on your next steps to be included in the alumni magazine. 

Visit Alumni Association Website


3. Buy Your Alumni Swag

If you’ve been eyeing that shirt that says ATU Alumni in the bookstore, now’s the time. Order it and wear it proudly. 

Visit ATU Bookstore Website



You are Ready

We know you are ready for any challenges you may face. You’ve prepared yourself with your ATU degree, so don’t be afraid to step out and try new things. We’ll always be here cheering you on.

Fight On!



Need some help?


If you have questions about your next steps, no worries – our staff are here to help. 

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