Success as a Current Student

Whether it’s your first day or college, the first day of your senior year, or somewhere in between-- you are going to do great things, and we will be here to support and encourage you.



We're here for you.

Our faculty and staff are here to help you achieve your goals. At ATU, we look out for each other, recognize individual needs, and support where we can. Our goal is to provide the tools and opporunities to develop the whole person and unleash the potential of every ATU student.



what'S NEXT?

Here are the steps you’ll need to complete to make sure you are ready for classes. Some steps may be repeated each semester or each year. That’s okay. This list is always here as a refresher if you have questions.


1. Connect with our Financial Aid Office

Connect with financial aid at ATU to get resources. They can give you specifics on the expectations to keep your scholarship and loans. Plus, many ATU scholarships require you to refile the FAFSA each year.

Visit the Financial Aid Website


2. Get More Money

Each year apply for Foundation scholarships. These are private scholarships from university donors that are available for students. Scholarships are available for students in every major. The priority deadline each year is Nov. 15, and the final deadline is Feb. 15.

Visit Foundation Scholarship Website


3. Touch Base with Student Accounts

Before classes start each semester, make sure you check with student accounts for payment information. They have several automatic payment options available.

Visit Student Accounts Website


4. Get Your Books

Be sure you get books each semester before classes start. Many textbooks are available for rent or available used in addition to buying new. The choice is up to you.

Also – each fall you can get additional savings by purchasing your books during the Arkansas sales tax holiday. During this time, you would not pay sales tax for your books, which is about a 10% additional savings.

Visit The Campus Bookstore Website


5. Request Accomodations if you need them

Each semester, you’ll need to submit or renew any accomodations due to a disability. Our Disability Services Office can help you with that process and also helps in notifying your professors for you.



6. Find Employment

If you want to work while at ATU, Career Services is a great place to start your job search. They have an on-campus job fair each fall, and they have listings of jobs in the community as well.

Visit Career Services Website


7. Level Up Your ACademic Skills

Make a plan to meet your academic goals. Start early and head to ATU’s Learning Center for free help. There is tutoring available for specific classes, for individual needs, or overall help with things like time management, professor communication, and test taking tips.

Visit Learning Center Website


8. Get Connected On Campus

Being successful on campus means getting connected. There are several options to do that.


9. Ask Yourself - Is this Still The Major I want?

Many students change their major at some point, so if you are not happy with your major, you are not alone. Be sure to visit with Academic Advising about changing your major and how that may impact your time as a student. They may also be able to help you consider other areas that may be of interest.

Visit the Academic Advising Website


10. Expand Your Resume

ATU offers several opportunities to help you make the most of your ATU experience.


11. Get Help With Your Resume

As you are learning skills, working, and interning, it is a good idea to begin work on your resume. Career Services offers personalized resume consultation to help you put forward the best version of you.

Visit the Career Services Website


Resources you'll need

Our campus portal is called OneTech, and this is where you go to conduct university business like checking financial information, viewing your class schedule and getting important announcements.

Tech Email
Campus email is how we communicate important announcements, bi-weekly newsletters, and you can interact outside of classes with your professors.

At the ATU bookstore, you can purchase, rent or sell your textbooks. You can purchase in-person or on the bookstore website.

Campus Support Center
Email not working? Computer issues? This team is open 7 days a week to help with technology needs.

At ATU, our online course management system is called Blackboard. You may use it in classes to turn in assignments, check grades, and access lectures.

The ATU library has a plethora of online and in-person services to support your academic needs.

Academic Calendar
Here are the key dates you’ll need to know for each semester that you’re an ATU student.

Financial Aid
Our Financial Aid Office is located in Brown Hall. Our financial aid staff can help you with questions about federal aid, student loans, additional funding sources, and more.

Student Accounts
This office, located on the second floor of Brown Hall, assists students in understand their bill, developing payment plans, disbursing refunds, and more.

Academic Advising
Our academic advisors and staff are here to advise undergraduate students with 60 credit hours or less. They help all students understand different majors, university policies, and strategies for academic success.

The Registrar's Office can help you with academic policy questions, transcripts, enrollment verifications, course credit needs, and more.

Campus Map
Your class schedule will change each semester and the campus map can help you navigate ATU.



You've got this

Whether you’re starting out or coming back, you are ready for college. And we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

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If you have questions about your next steps, no worries - our staff are here to help.

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