One-Stop Student Center

We (the One-Stop Student Center, or OSSC) are here to make sure you have the resources and support you need to achieve your goals at ATU. The challenges you face are as unique as you are and we’re ready to assist you in the specific ways you need. Whether you’re a new student, current student, or getting ready to graduate – we’re here to help.


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Individual Appointments

Let us answer your questions and guide you through the college process. We can help with applications, submitting the FAFSA, understanding your degree program, and more - just ask!

Information Sessions

College is a new experience, and we are here to make the transition smoother. Join us to learn more about financial literacy, being a successful college student and professional. Information Sessions are determined by you so let us know what you’d like to see by texting, emailing, calling, dropping by, or joining one of our focus groups.

One-Stop for Next Steps

Not sure where to start, then start with us! The One-Stop is a centralized resource for the campus community providing friendly, accessible, personalized, and reliable information.


Contact us

If you have questions about your next steps, no worries – our staff are here to help. Call, email or stop by our office in Brown Hall to chat.

Phone: (479) 968-0389
Location: Brown Hall, Suite 104, 105 West O Street