Student Learning Outcomes - Nursing





Student Learning Outcomes



  1. Demonstrates clinical judgment, skills and abilities to the provision of safe, competent patient care.
  2. Demonstrate, culturally sensitive caregiving, communication, teaching, advocacy, and management of diverse patient populations and settings.
  3. Utilizes research evidence and technology to improve the quality and safety of patient care.
  4. Collaborates with interprofessional health care teams in the delivery of patient care.
  5. Demonstrates academic achievement reflective of a professional nurse.

      Expected Levels of Achievement (ELA)


  1. Participate in research, disseminate results, and incorporate research findings into the role of nurse administrator.

  2. Assume leadership roles in managing care in a variety of settings, develop emergency/disaster response plans, and influence healthcare policy.

  3. Communicate effectively to provide cost effective ethically responsible healthcare to culturally diverse populations.

  4. Assess educational needs of staff, emergency medical personnel, and others related to mass casualty incidents; plan and implement programs specific to those needs; provide leadership in knowledge development and the evaluation of educational programs.