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RN to BSN Program

Registered Nurses,

Complete your BSN anytime, anywhere through our online RN to BSN program at Arkansas Tech University.  Our program is designed to be completed in one calendar year and consists of:

  • Five core nursing courses,
  • Two courses with practicum/clinical components that can be completed in your home community, and
  • Two nursing electives

We offer a fully online orientation to familiarize you with our program and faculty, and your first course, Nursing Informatics (NURN 4003), is designed to introduce you to the online tools you will use throughout the program. 

Minimum Requirements for application into the RN to BSN Program:

  • Apply and be accepted to Arkansas Tech University.
  • You must be a licensed Registered Nurse, possessing an unencumbered license.
  • You must have graduated from an associate degree or diploma program that is ACEN accredited (Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing)
  • Your cumulative grade point average must be 2.75* or above on a 4.0 scale. 
    *Only required courses are included in the GPA calculation.

We have three admission cycles: Spring (January), Summer (June), and Fall (August).  Application deadlines are as follows:

Spring Entry (January): October 1st
Summer Entry (June): March 1st
Fall Entry (August): June 30th

To apply for program admission or request advisement, contact:

  • Ms. Sarah Hottinger, Administrative Specialist
    Phone: (479) 498-2832

  • Dr. Lisa Harless, RN to BSN Program Coordinator
    Phone: (479) 964-0583 ext. 4660