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Nursing Administration and Emergency Management (NAEM) Program

The Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing Administration and Emergency Management (NAEM) program is designed to offer students a specialized program of study to serve the educational needs of professional nurses actively engaged or planning to enter a profession related to administration, leadership and emergency management in a variety of healthcare settings.

What Is the Nursing Administration Program?

The curriculum will utilize a multidisciplinary approach to integrate principles of nursing administration with principles of emergency management. Nursing professionals with this advanced education will provide expertise to benefit healthcare, community, and government agencies and the general public.  

What Will I Learn In This Program?

The mission of the graduate program in Nursing Administration and Emergency Management (NAEM) include:

  1. Preparing graduates to assume administrative roles in a variety of health care systems, including hospitals, and community, military, and government agencies.
  2. Providing a program of study that addresses the technical competencies and interpersonal skills needed to assume leadership roles in planning and coordinating emergency response strategies.
  3. Providing opportunities for students to formulate solutions to important problems of interest to nursing through analysis, synthesis, and application of current research.  
  4. Preparing graduates to be innovative leaders.
Where Can I Get More Information About the Nursing Administration Program?

Sarah Hottinger
Dean Hall 224
Phone: (479) 498-2832