Advanced Placement


Arkansas Tech University offers a baccalaureate degree program in nursing. We believe in providing the opportunity for career mobility to registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) who have graduated from a qualified program to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The faculty of the Department of Nursing have developed a procedure by which nurses can validate and challenge general education and nursing credit. Advanced placement opportunities are also available in accordance with the Arkansas Articulation Act. By following these procedures, nurses can obtain credit for previous academic experience and begin their nursing courses at a point in the program which reflects their level of knowledge and expertise.

Nurses who are interested in the Advanced Placement option should work closely with their advisor who will guide them through the somewhat complex process. For further information contact the Department of Nursing at (479) 968-0383.


Students wishing to transfer credit for pre-nursing courses with a goal of having that credit apply toward the B.S.N. at Arkansas Tech University should follow these guidelines:

Apply for admission to ATU.

Have official transcripts from all institutions of higher learning attended sent directly to either the office of the Registrar or to the Department of Nursing.

Schedule an appointment with any faculty on the Russellville Campus or the Fort Smith Campus to discuss the student's academic record and to complete a Request for Substitution on Transfer Credit form. The information submitted on this form is evaluated by the Department Chair, the Dean, and the Registrar. Therefore, the process can be expected to take several weeks to complete.

Communicate with the academic advisor to discuss the results of the Request for Substitution form and the remaining prerequisite requirements.

Transferring credits for nursing courses

The following policy has been developed for students who have taken nursing courses in other educational institutions and wish to have that credit substituted for course work in ATU's upper division nursing courses:

  1. Students who have completed nursing courses in another educational institution will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  2. For transfer credit, the courses must have been completed in a degree granting institution.
  3. Students taking nursing courses in a non-degree granting institution may receive credit for Skills I and II by taking tests to validate their knowledge and skill in this area.
  4. Students requesting transfer credit for nursing courses must:
    1. Provide syllabi that include the course's objectives, credit hours and contact hours, detailed outline of content, texts used, and methods of evaluation,
    2. If NLN Achievement tests have been taken within the last 3 years, the scores from these tests must be submitted
    3. Provide grades received by official transcript.
  5. The Admission and Progression Committee must receive the above information by February 1st for the students applying for August admission or May 1st for the students apply for January admission.
  6. The Admissions and Progression Committee will:
    1. Review each request on an individual basis,
    2. Evaluate the match between the course(s) the student has taken and the ATU nursing course for which the credit is to be substituted, and
    3. Make recommendations in response to the student's request to the Faculty Organization.