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NCSBN Announcement Cell/Mobile/Smart Phones, Pagers or Other Devices:

As part of the annual update to exam day processes for NCLEX candidates, we will be introducing a new policy regarding cell phones which will go into effect beginning Monday, March 25, 2013.

Currently, candidates agree via the Candidate Rules to not access cell/mobile/smart phones, pagers or other electronic devices during the exam (including breaks). They are instructed to keep their phones in their provided locker and are reminded that they cannot access the phones at any point during the exam. When a candidate violates this rule, NCSBN, with the Member Boards approval, pursues a result cancellation.

To help decrease cell phone incidents and result cancellations, the new cell phone policy requires candidates to store their electronic devices in the locker in a sealable bag. This bag is provided at check-in to the candidate by the Test Administrator (TA) and is inspected by the TA at the end of the exam. The candidate is informed that any evidence of bag tampering will result in an incident, which could lead to a result cancellation.

Provided there is no evidence of tampering with the bag, the candidate is permitted to remove items from the bag at the end of the exam and the TA will dispose of the bag at the test center. If there is evidence of tampering, an incident will be reported and further investigation will take place. It is our hope that this new policy will prevent candidates from inadvertently touching their cell phones, thus reducing result cancellations.

NCLEX Candidate Bulletin Now Available

The 2013 NCLEX Candidate Bulletinis designed in an easy-to-read format, specifically for the NCLEX candidate.It contains information about the process of NCLEX registration, from scheduling an appointment through the receipt of exam results. In addition, the 2013 NCLEX Candidate Bulletin At-A-Glanceprovides a condensed overview of the NCLEX candidate process.The candidate bulletin wentinto effect on Jan. 1, 2013.

NCLEX Candidate Bulletin (Click Here)

NCLEX Candidate Bulletin At-A-Glance (Click Here)

Updates to the 2013 Candidate Bulletin and Candidate Bulletin At-A-Glanceinclude:

Additional information about the NCLEX and the updated candidate rulesare available onNCSBN's website.

NCLEX Information at Your Fingertips

The NCSBN Examinations website was recently updated to help you find the information needed to successfully navigate the NCLEX process. Visit the new NCLEX Examinationswebpageto learnabout:

Be sure to also read the NCLEX Candidate Bulletincover-to-cover so that you are well prepared foryour NCLEX experience. Cardless Licensure and Accommodations for Testing 1) Information regarding Cardless Licensure Frequently Asked Questions will be available on the ASBN website at The FAQ's can be accessed from the Licensing tab as well as the home page under Important Information.2) An information packet and required forms for candidate completion will also be available for NCLEX candidates that need to request special accommodations for testing. The information may be accessed on the ASBN website at by clicking on the Education tab and NCLEX Exam Link.Temporary Permit is Going Paperless!Effective April 1, 2011, the Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ASBN) will no longer issue the traditional (paper) wallet temporary permit card to initial licensure candidates, endorsement applicants, or refresher course applicants. The status of a temporary permit may be verified at any time online by accessing the ASBN Registry Search at The ASBN Registry Search is considered the primary source of verification and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.