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Guide To Anti-Hazing
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What is hazing?Types of hazingQuiz yourselfSee it? Report it!


arkansas tech university has a zero tolerance policy for hazing


Seriously, ZERO HAZING! We don't put up with it.

any activity expected of someone joining or
participating in a group or organization that
humiliates, degrades, abuses, or endangers them
regardless of a person's willingness to participate


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Hazing has been going on for centuries.  And still isn't cool.

Types of hazing...
listed below...



Subtle hazing includes actions or activities that go against University or societal ideas of standards of conduct, behavior and good taste. An activity or attitude directed towards any new or active member which ridicules, humiliates or embarrasses intentionally or unintentionally.

Example of hazing that is subtle.

Name calling

Requiring silence periods

Any form of demerits

Members writing progress reports on new members

Phone/House/Clean up/Team duties only assigned to new members

Requiring new members to carry handbooks and obtain signatures of members or other individuals

Trying to instill fear in new members with what might happen at an initiation or other group events


Harassment hazing includes any action or activity that causes mental anguish or physical discomfort. These actions and activities usually cause confusion, frustration or unnecessary stress.

Examples of hazing that is harassment.

Verbal abuse

Any form of questioning under pressure or in an uncomfortable position

Requiring new members to wear ridiculous costumes or perform ridiculous activities

Requiring new members to perform personal service to active members/veterans such as carrying books, running errands, performing maid duties, etc.


Violent hazing includes activities that could cause physical or emotional harm.

Example of hazing that is violent.

Forced alcohol consumption

Forced ingestion of any liquid or substance

Sexual violation

Assault including paddling, beating, burning and branding

Hazing is not gender specific.

Is it hazing?


This should be a no brainer...

If you answered “no” to all of
these questions, your event is
not hazing and you may carry
on with the event as planned.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your event is violating the Hazing Prevention Policy. If the event has already occurred you should notify the Dean of Students, an advisor, your coach, the National Anti-Hazing Hotline or the police. If the event has not yet occurred you should speak to your advisor or coach about how to make the event a non-hazing activity.


Report Hazing!
Seriously.  Report it.


Everyone knows when it happens.



Speak up!

of cases where students
identifies their experience as
hazing, they did not report the
events to campus officials.




Report it now!

If you see hazing in progress, please dial 911 for an immediate response.


Non-emergency reports may be made to any of the following campus officials.

Josh McMillianJoshua McMillian
Public Safety Building
(479) 968-0222

Amy PenningtonAmy Penningron
233 Doc Bryan
(479) 968-0239

Aubrey HoltAubrey Holt
233 Doc Bryan
(479) 968-0276

Steve MullinsSteve Mullins
Tucker Coliseum
(479) 968-0245

While you are encouraged to contact an
Arkansas Tech official, you may also report
hazing to the national toll-free anti-hazing hotline.
Please understand that reporting via this method
may limit the University's ability to address
the situation.




Still not enough? Here's a PDF guide with more hazing prevention information.
Here's our official hazing policy.

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