Witherspoon Auditorium
Policies and Procedures

Use of Witherspoon Auditorium is for ATU Sponsored Events Only

Note: You must certify to having read and agree to these policies prior to submitting a reservation request for Witherspoon Auditorium.

I. Reservation Procedures

A. In order to reserve Witherspoon Auditorium, a Reservation Request form must be completed. Reservation Requests may be found on line at http://lfa.atu.edu/music/reservewitherspoon.htm, and are submitted electronically. Only electronically submitted requests can be accepted.

B. An Automated acknowledgement of the reservation request will be generated. Confirmation of the reservation will be made within 7 business days.

C. Outside users will be charged a rental fee. The full rental fee is due and payable on the day of the performance.

D. The Arkansas Tech Music Department, acting with reasonable discretion, reserves the right to refuse reservations for special use of its facilities.

E. Arkansas Tech University Department of Music reserves the right to cancel events if the venue is needed for a university event.

F. All scheduled activities of Arkansas Tech University shall have first priority.

G. Tickets may be sold at the door and admission charged for Arkansas Tech University sponsored events only if previously authorized. In addition to notification of the ATU Music Department, notification must also be given to the ATU Budget Office.

H. Reservations may not be transferred, assigned, or sublet.

I. The auditorium is not available for use on university-observed holidays.

II. Supervision & Accountability

A. An event representative must be at least 21 years old and on the premises at the time of the event. This representative:

1. Will ensure that all building rules and regulations are adhered to by participants and attendees.

2. Will be available onsite during the entirety of the event to resolve any issues that may arise during the event

3. Will perform a walk-through inspection with a music department representative before and after the event to determine the condition of the facility, and will be asked to sign off on noted damages.

B. Reservations for groups consisting of persons under eighteen years of age will be issued only to adults who accept responsibility for their supervision throughout the entire period of use.

C. The piano is the property of the Arkansas Tech Music Department and permission for its use must be obtained from that department.

D. Theatrical lights are the property of Arkansas Tech University Theatre Department and may not be removed or otherwise adjusted without the permission and supervision of a faculty member that department.

E. Set materials must be erected at the beginning of the reservation time and struck at the end. There are no facilities for storing set material backstage or within Witherspoon Building.

F. Activities in Witherspoon Auditorium will be conducted according to the law and to the policies contained within this document.

G. Activities will cease at 12:00 midnight unless otherwise stated and approved on the reservation.

H. The user and/or his or her organization are solely responsible for any damages, loss, accidents or injuries to persons or property that are the result of or arise out of the use of Witherspoon Auditorium and the Witherspoon Building and agrees to indemnify and hold tech harmless from any claims, lawsuits, or grievances that arise from user/organizations use of the premises. Individuals or organizations who reserve or use Witherspoon Auditorium agree that they are solely responsible for the control and supervision of their employees, staff, agents, invitees, guests and other individuals entering the Witherspoon Building and for any damage that they or the user/organization cause or permit to occur to Witherspoon Building, Witherspoon Auditorium, or any of the personal property located therein. The user and/or his or her organization agree that it will fully reimburse Arkansas Tech University for any repair or replacement costs incurred as a result of said damage. Each user of the Witherspoon Building shall be responsible for leaving the facility in a clean and orderly condition. Any pre-existing damage will be noted on an event opening and closing checklist as completed in conjunction by a representative of the Music Department and the user of the venue.

I. Reservation Requests for ATU Organization should be submitted by ATU Employees, Organization Sponsors, or their official designees. Requests will not be accepted from individual students.

III. Prohibited Activities

A. There shall be no alcoholic beverages or drugs allowed in the buildings or on the grounds.

B. Smoking is prohibited in the building.

C. Food and drink is prohibited in the auditorium.

D. Firearms are not allowed on university property.

E. The use of nails, tacks, staples, hot-glue guns, or duct tape in any of the woodwork, walls or fabric of the facility is not permitted. Painters tape may be used to adhere materials to facility walls. The user is responsible for removal of any and all decorations immediately following the event.

F. Liquids should not be utilized in any capacity within the auditorium, either on stage or in the seating area.

G. The user shall not remove, alter, or displace furniture or apparatus, including but not limited to lights, curtains, or counter weights systems, except when under the direct supervision of an authorized University employee.

H. The user assumes full responsibility for ensuring adherence to these rules by event participants and audience members.

IV. Safety Considerations

A. Fire and safety codes are strictly observed. The maximum seating capacity of Witherspoon Auditorium is 717. Tickets shall not be sold in excess of this number, nor shall additional seats be placed in the auditorium.

B. No open flames (including candles) are allowed in the Witherspoon Auditorium or Building.

C. All exit lights inside and outside the auditorium will be left on, uncovered, and not tampered with in any way.

D. Aisles, hallways, stairways, and passages must be kept clear.

E. No adjustments or modifications will be made to building or auditorium lighting, heating, or ventilating equipment or systems other than by a qualified ATU employee. No special lighting may be installed in the Auditorium. No special lighting may be installed on the Witherspoon stage without prior approval by the Music Department.

F. Arkansas Tech University assumes no liability for personal injury or property damage. Outside Persons or organizations using the auditorium are required to obtain public liability insurance.

V. Cancellations

A. The user is responsible for cancellation of events.

B. Cancellations must be submitted in writing by the individual who contracted the use of the auditorium. In the event that Arkansas Tech University must cancel or reschedule an outside event, every effort will be made to give the outside group as much advance notice as possible.

VI. Lost & Found

Items found in Witherspoon Building or Auditorium will be turned over the building Lost and Found, located in the office of the Dean of Liberal and Fine Arts, WPN 240. Every reasonable attempt will be made to locate the owner of the property.

VII. Exceptions

Any request for exception to the policies and procedures must be submitted in writing to the office of the Dean of Liberal and Fine Arts. Arkansas Tech University reserves the right to refuse to grant use of Witherspoon Auditorium to any person or group if such use is deemed to be contrary to the best interest of the university or its students.

User/organization agrees that it will not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, creed, sex, age, disability, veterans status in either the selection of individuals who may enter Witherspoon Building or auditorium, or as to any aspect of the activity or performance for which the building or auditorium is to be used.