Auditioning on Clarinet:

Auditions to enter the department of music as a major (BME or BA) can be arranged on an individual basis, or you can audition on one of the assigned days.

See the ATU Bands page for up-to-date information on audition days etc., and fill in the online form to be on the music department's mailing list.

*Please note that all auditions must be on Bb clarinet*



What should I play?

You should bring at least two contrasting pieces, and be ready to play some scales and sight-reading. Most people bring material from All-State auditions (typically, two etudes by C. Rose), but you may bring anything which you feel demonstrates your technical and musical ability.

Where will the audition be?

Usually, in Dr. del Grazia's office/teaching studio (Witherspoon building, room 206). See the campus map.

How long will it last?

If you don't have much time, things can be over in fifteen minutes. However, usually Dr. del Grazia will help you to play a little better, basically giving you an introductory clarinet lesson which may last around half an hour.

I made All-State on bass clarinet. Can't I play that?

The bass, contrabass and alto clarinets are usually regarded as auxiliary instruments, especially at the undergraduate level. While they are important for the various ensembles, and we welcome players who are comfortable on them, you will be required to be proficient on the Bb clarinet for the purposes of your music degree.