Summer 2018 Courses




40049—COMM 5153—TC2—Persuasive Theory and Audience Analysis—TBA—Vaughn - Summer II



40022—ENGL 5023—TC1—Second Language Acquisition—TBA—Clair - Summer I 

40023—ENGL 5093—TC1—SEM IN CREATIVE WRITING: Writing Children’s Books—TBA—Lombardo - Summer I 

40024—ENGL 5483—TC1—SEM IN BRITISH LIT: Post WWII—TBA—Poznar - Summer I

40070—ENGL 5703—TC1—Teaching English as a Second Language—TBA—Hsu - Summer II

40025—ENGL 5713—TC1—ESL Assessment—TBA—St. John - Summer II

40076—ENGL 5723—TC1—Teaching People of Other Cultures—TBA—Gemme - Summer II 

40078—ENGL 6083—TC1—SEM: Vocabulary Development—TBA—Franco - Summer II

40082—ENGL 6083—TC2—SEM: E Resources—TBA—Swetnam - Summer II 

40026—ENGL 6213—TC1—Topics in Lit: Undead Souths—TBA—Wilson - Summer I 

40083—ENGL 6283—TC1—Lit. and Society: Lit of the 1950’s—TBA—Hoffman - Summer II 



40067—JOUR 5033—TC1—Community Journalism—TBA—Mumert - Summer I 

40097—JOUR 5083—TC1—Computer Mediated Communication—TBA—Lee - Summer II 

40099—JOUR 5123—TC1—Laws of Communication—TBA—Lee - Summer II 



40093—TESL 6003—TC1—Linguistics for ESL Teachers—TBA—Franco - Summer II 

40031—TESL 6013—TC1—Modern English Grammar and Usage—TBA—Lombardo - Summer I 

40032—TESL 6033—TC1—Oral and Written Communication—TBA—St. John - Summer I 

40033—TESL 6063—TC1—Instructional Strategies in Content Areas—TBA—Garvin - Summer I 

40094—TESL 6143—TC1—Reading for English Language Learners—TBA—Gemme - Summer II