Workstation Configuration 

Note: All stations have Audacity, Finale, iTunes, Practica Musica, Roxio Suite, Sibelius, Soundforge and the standard university programs installed, e.g., Microsoft Office, Macromedia Suite, etc..

This list shows the location of titles that are not installed on all computers.

Stations 1-4 Audiation Assistant, Auralia, Instruments, Musition, Pyware 4.1, Starclass

Stations 5-8 Band-In-A-Box, Pyware 4.1

Stations 9-10 Acid Pro 6, Pyware 4.1, Reason 2.5, Rebirth 2.0.1

Stations 11-12 Acid Pro 6, Pyware 4.1, Sonar 6 Studio

Stations 13 No unique titles.

Stations 14-17 Cubase LE

Control Room PhotoScore 4, SmartScore 5, Scanner