ATU Web Style Guide



Guiding Question: 
How can I, as a website editor, make things easier for my site's visitors?



The Arkansas Tech University website is designed to aquaint users with the university and help them accomplish the business they wish to do here. To accomplish those goals the ATU Web Team designed a consistent, modular site edited in the content management system OU Campus. ATU website editors can use this guide to take full advantage of the tools provided to them in OU Campus and by the ATU Web Team.

These guidelines have space for individual offices and departments to showcase their information in ways unique to them, while maintaining a consistent looks and feel that aligns with the university brand standards. This ensures a cohesive experience for users, and allows websites editors to have the most impact on their site visitors.





The ATU Web Team is constantly working to upgrade features to the site, or introduce new ones. If you have an idea for something you wish to see on the site, whether it is a new page template, new snippet, or a general suggestion, please drop us a line via the form below.


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