Campus Licensing Process

Arkansas Tech University student organizations and university departments who wish to order items with any of the Arkansas Tech logos or the university name must go through the licensing approval process before placing your order. 



  1. Select a Licensed University Vendor.*For t-shirts, MARCOMM will assist in the bid process to get you the best price. This is required for orders using university funds. Foundation and Agency purchases do not require a bid.
  2. Request Artwork if you need it or complete the Artwork Approval Form to submit a proof of artwork you've created.
  3. Once the request form is received, MARCOMM will review your submission and/or provide artwork options to you. You will receive an email when your submission is reviewed.
  4. Complete the ATU Controller's office Student Prize/Giveaway Form for approval. *This is required for items using departmental funds.
  5. Contact your vendor to place your order. Send final proof to the Arkansas Tech University Licensing Manager prior to product production. 


Other Important Information

Common Licensing Questions GET HELP WITH LICENSING