Extended Office Hours
Interest Form

As a part of the Leadership Tech program, a pilot study on Extended Office Hours is being proposed for the Spring 2020 semester. A small group of departments/offices will be selected to implement expanded hours of operations to better serve our community, which will also open up the possibility of flexible working hours for staff.

Communication between supervisors and employees will be extremely important in this project as the continuity of operations and other impacts for a given unit are considered. Priority for the pilot will be given to areas that are primarily student-facing in their work and have a critical mass of workers that can cover expanded hours of operation.

Any departments/areas that are interested in the pilot should speak with their Vice President and have the director fill out the below application.

How many FTE's does your office currently employ?
Staff Interest:

How many staff members are interested in possible flex time, knowing that the opportunity would be dependent on expanded hours of operation (i.e., 7a-7p vs. 8a-5p)? 

Scope of Work: 

How would you break down the operations of your office?  Please indicate the percentage of time you think are spent on the below constituent groups:

Does your division’s Vice President support your office’s participation in this pilot flexible work arrangement program?
Commitment to Assessment: If selected for the pilot program, do you agree to ensure that your office and employees complete pre- and post-pilot assessments as directed?