Lead Academy


LEAD Academy is a three-phase leadership development program at Arkansas Tech. This program is designed to prepare students to take on leadership roles within the campus, community, and in their futures by discovering individual strengths and applying leadership techniques. Each of the three phases allow students to examine how they approach leadership and learn skills to enhance their experiences.

Students who participate in LEAD Academy learn, discover, and experience the following:

Emerging Phase

The Emerging Phase is a seven week program designed to let students experience a hands on leadership exercise and discover their strengths as well as how to interact with others' strengths.  The Emerging Phase is offered each fall and must be completed before students may complete the Advancing or Developing phases.  

Applications for the Fall 2018 Emerging Phase are available on theLink here. Log in with your OneTech username and password.  Applications are due September 5, 2018 at 5:00 pm.  Sessions will begin the week of September 10-14.

Advancing Phase

The Advancing Phase is the second phase of the program and is open to those who have completed the Emerging Phase. It is a seven week program offered each spring to help students advance their skills as a leader with emphasis on cultivating successful relationships and developing their own leadership philosophy. Students learn about their social identities, the social identities of others, and the influence each individual has to create a positive social change.

This phase must be completed before moving on to the third and final Developing Phase.

Developing Phase

The Developing Phase is the third, and final, phase of the program. Students participating in this phase must have completed both the Emerging and Advancing Phases. This seven week program offered each fall gives students the opportunity to put the leadership skills they developed in the first two phases into action, by creating and completing a community change project. Students work together in a group to create positive, sustainable change in the greater Russellville area.

Fall Semesters - Emerging and Developing Phases

Spring Semesters - Advancing Phase