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2015 Program

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STEM and the Armed Forces
Dr. Benjamin Newton, Research Electronics Engineer
Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base

A student obtaining a degree in a STEM field does not need to wonder about the availability of employment within the armed forces. The student would benefit more by narrowing down the possibilities to what he or she is most interested in accomplishing. The STEM disciplines are employed by all of the armed forces in STEM specific jobs and non STEM jobs that have a need for the analytical acumen of STEM students. One of the most valuable tools a STEM graduate will need to employ after graduation is knowing their skillset and being open minded and creative about the application of that skillset to gain and retain employment after graduation. Dr. Benjamin Newton will present examples of exciting opportunities that are available in the armed forces for people with a STEM background and how to take advantage of these opportunities to further your professional goals.

Dr. Benjamin Newton started his STEM career serving as an electronics technician in the United States Navy for six years. He then attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and received a Bachelor of Science in Physics in 2009. While obtaining his undergraduate degree he worked weekends utilizing his electronics technician skills for Diebold an automated teller company and was a math and science tutor for athletes. He went on to attend the University of Arkansas Fayetteville to receive his master and doctoral degree in Microelectronics and Photonics in 2014. His has written and co-written several conference papers in the field of thin film photovoltaics. His dissertation work included utilizing molecular beam epitaxy to create a new composite material for thin film amorphous silicon solar cells. He is currently a Research Electronics Engineer for the Air Force Research Lab at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. He hopes to build a great career with the Air Force and one day invent something great which he is currently working on in his garage.