Interdisciplinary Research Series

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 Spring 2018

Dr. Joshua Lockyer, Associate Professor of Anthropology
"The Ecovillage as a Site for Multidisciplinary Sustainability Research: Collaboration, Community, & Environment"
Dr. Rajib Choudhury, Assistant professor of chemistry
"Luminescent-based facile detection of human serum albumin: A Potential Tool for Point-of-Care Medical Diagnosis"
Dr. Nicholas Omoregbe
Dr. Nicholas Omoregbe, Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Covenant University (Nigeria) 
"Doing Business in the African Giant Nation"
Dr. David Blanks
Dr. David Blanks, Professor of History 
"Lived Histories: The egyptian Revolution (2011-2013)"
Dr. Charles Mebi  
DR. Charles Mebi, Associate PROFESSOR OF Chemistry
"Sustainable Energy Solution Inspired by Nature"

Fall 2017 

Dr. Burris
Dr. Rebecca Burris 
"Reversal Theory States in Smoking Cessation among Adolescents" 

Dr. Burris's PowerPoint

Angela Black
Angela Black
"Scholarly Metrics: Measuring What Matters" 

Angela Black's Presentation

Dr. Gina Kraft
Dr. Gina Kraft 
"Validation of the Garmin 920XT Fitness Watch VO2speak" 

Dr. Gina Kraft's Presentation

Dr. Efosa Idemudia
Dr. Efosa Idemudia 
"Interdisciplinary Research Center Workshop: Fulbright Experiences"


Dr. Aulgur

Dr. Schwehm

Dr. Jeff Aulgur & Dr. Jeremy Schwehm 
"Board Effectiveness and Commitment: Assessing the Affective Commitment Scale and Demographic Information" 

Dr. Aulgur & Dr. Schwehm's Presentation

Dr. Brodrick
Dr. Michael Brodrick 
"How Should Moral Disagreement Inform Health Care Policy" 

Dr. Brodrick's Presentation

Interdisciplinary Research Center Directors
"Grant Tips & Tricks" 

PowerPoint Presentation

 Spring 2017 

 Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
 “An Investigation of the Effect of Project-based Learning on Students’ Self-regulation and Self-Efficacy Perception in Face-to-Face, Hybrid and Online Learning Environment”

Dr. Ibrahim's Research Paper

Dr. Ibrahim's PowerPoint Presentation

 Frank Graeff, Program Director at Grants Resource Center
Web demonstration on how to utilize the Grants Resource Center website

For those who were unable to attend the webinar, visit for more information. 


Dr. Rebecca T. Garvin, Assistant Professor of English 
“A Linguistic Landscape revisited: A longitudinal study of the transformations of the LL in Markham, Canada, from 2003-2013”

For those who were unable to attend the talk, below is a link to the Tegrity recording to the talk.

Dr. Garvin's Presentation

Dr. Newton Hilliard, Dr. Efosa Idemudia, Dr. Rebecca Wiewel, Dr. Turaj Ashuri, IRC Directors
Panel Discussion with the Interdisciplinary Research Center
Dr. Jordan Thibodeaux, Assistant Professor of Psychology 
“What Are Athletes Saying to Themselves?  Self-talk and Motivation in Youth Tennis”

Dr. Jordan Thibodeaux's Presentation

Dr. Jeff Woods, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities 
“The Other Warriors in Vietnam” 

Dr. Jeff Woods' Presentation

Dr. Tackett
Dr. Alen J. Tackett, UAMS 
"Using Proteomics to Investigate Public Health Issues and Discussing the Arkansas INBRE Program"

Dr. Alen J. Tackett Presentation

Dr. Suveyda Karakaya (Turkish Citizen, Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Tennessee) 
“Islam, Violence, and Civil War”

Dr. Karakaya's Talk Photo Album Link:

Dr. Karakaya's Talk Slide Show Link: