All courses with an enrollment greater than two will be evaluated. On the 10th of every month Institutional Research will capture all courses that end in the next month and add them to EvaluationKIT. The evaluation will be open to students when the course has reached the 80% mark and end once it has reached 93%. Students will be notified via email and blackboard of their evaluations that have not been completed.


How do I know when the evaluation survey is active for my classes?

Sign in to onetech.atu.edu and select the ‘Faculty’ button on the navigation pane. A portlet labeled ‘Online Evaluations’ will list your current courses and their start/end dates. For a list of all courses for your department, use the ‘Course Information by Department’ Argos report under the ‘Schedule’ folder.

Will I be reminded about the survey before it starts?

Yes, you will receive an email notification 7 days before the survey start date and the day of the survey start date.

Can I get a list of students that completed the survey for my class?

Not at this time, however, EvaluationKit does have a feature (currently turned off) that would allow students to print a certificate of completion that they can turn in to a faculty.  This feature is either on or off for all students, it is currently set to off.

Can the survey be re-opened for a student that did not complete it on time?

Not at this time.

How do I access my evaluation results? 

Sign in to onetech.atu.edu and select the ‘Faculty’ button on the navigation pane. A portlet labeled ‘Faculty Links’ will include an ‘EvaluationKIT Results’ link that will sign you into EvaluationKIT. Once there select the project correlated with the time frame you are looking for and you will get a list of your courses for that month.

What about results from surveys that happened before EvaluationKit?

Your dean’s office should have a comprehensive list of all evaluation results before EvaluationKIT.

How do I access results for faculty under me?

Use the ‘How do I access my evaluation results?’ question above to sign into EvaluationKIT. In the upper right hand corner of your screen should be your name. To the left of your name will be a label for your current access. If it says ‘Instructor’ then what is displayed is just what you taught. Select ‘Instructor’ and you will get a drop down list of what you have access to. In the drop down list select ‘Administrator’ and the access will change to everything you have access to department/college wise. If you do not have the drop down list but believe you should please contact ir@atu.edu.

How do I aggregate the results for my courses?

Once signed in select 'Results' and then 'Project Results'.  Select the project that has the courses you are wanting to aggregate and then select the check box next to each one. Once all of the courses you need are checked select the 'Batch Report' link and then change the selection to 'Aggregate Data for Selected Items into One Report' and then ‘GO’. Once it is ready you will receive an email with a link to download the results.