Greetings From Arkansas Tech University

The Global Outreach Ambassador program at Arkansas Tech University has been set up to serve perspective students who would like to know more about our university. The ambassadors listed below are all happy to help you with any questions you have from admission procedures to life in the United States. Please take a moment to look over their profiles and get to know them!

Meet the Ambassadors!


Xiaohan "Linda" Du

Program of Study: Biology
Education Level: Senior
Languages: English and Mandarin

Why I Chose Arkansas Tech University: I was an exchange student in an Arkansas public high school. During that year, I visited Arkansas Tech a few times. Arkansas Tech is one of the very top universities in Arkansas. Its high quality of education and low tuition are the advantages that attracted me. One of the reasons I chose ATU is I really like the staff and students on campus. They all have big smiles and love to help. I was sure I would enjoy myself in such a nice place!

Favorite Arkansas Tech University Memory so Far: When I got my first scholarship, the staff in the International and Multicultural Student Services Office (IMSSO) planned a surprising way to tell me the good news. I will always remember that happy moment--everyone said congratulations to me and we all hugged. The thing that pleased me was not only the scholarships, but more was that the IMSSO felt happy for me as my family. Since my first scholarship I have also won several more including; The "LewerMark Make Your Mark" Scholarship, the Jesse R Wade Scholarship, the E.E. Hudson Scholarship, and the Ted & Betty Williams Scholarship.

Inspiration: "Opening a window for others is also to help ourselves see the sky more completely." I am a very lucky girl that gets so much love from other people. The way to show thanks is to do my best helping others to pass the love.

Three Unusual or Unique Things About Myself: 1. Involved and Active: I have two on campus-jobs, I am a Global Outreach Ambassador, an International Senator for the Student Government Association, and a member of the Pre-Med club. 2. Organized: My major is Biology (Biomedical Option) and my minor is Chemistry. I am trying to complete all the requirements in only 3 years and then enter a medical program to get my Audiology Doctoral Degree. 3. Nice: I think I am a nice girl and I smile all the time. I would love to share my experience and give my advice to help other people, especially our International Students!

Proudest Moment: During the 2012 NAFSA Arkansas State Meeting, I received high praises after my first professional 50-minute long session on my presentation - "Retain Me". I was really excited and proud. I knew I could do it.


Xintong Ren

Program of Study: Computer Science
Program Level: Sophomore
Languages: Mandarin and English
Inspiration: "Not to advance is to go back"

What Do You Miss the Most About Home: I really miss my parents and grandparents. I want to spend more time with them. I also miss the food which I cannot find in the United States.

What is the One Thing about America that you Like: In my hometown, my mom was always telling me: "don't talk to strangers", but here I have found that most people do not seem like strangers because they are always willing to help you and speak to you. Americans are very friendly and easygoing.

Three Unique or Unusual Things About Myself: 1. Patient: I understand how hard it is for an International Student to study abroad. I am really patient and if you need any help I will be here to help you and help you solve any problems you may have. 2. Experienced: I had work experience in China before I came to the United States and a lot of it was in the Academic setting, therefore, you can trust my answers if you ask me something. 3. Independent: I started studying in boarding school in the fourth grade, my parents could not always be with me all the time so I had to learn how to do a lot of things for myself. Not only am I good at taking care of myself, but I can also help take care of new students that come to Arkansas Tech University.