Tamara Slamek


Hey friends! I am Tamara Slamek and I am from Zagreb, Croatia. I am a freshman majoring in Hospitality Administration. The moment I heard about the beautiful campus of Arkansas Tech, I applied. Within two days, I heard from the international student office that I was admitted. I love the Tech campus and the peaceful nature.

International students are very well accepted at Tech. There are so many activities going on the campus all the time. I really love to participate in the activities. I love to watch Tech athletics because those people are so committed and hard working.There are so many student organizations around the campus which helps students all the time.

Tech is a big school with small classrooms. The environment at Tech is great to pursue higher studies and the staff is very kind and supportive. Tech has awesome infrastructure which helps students to get more involved in their coursework. My advice to the freshmen is be open-minded and prepared to accept new people and to be responsible as this is the final chance to make your career establishment. I promise you will never be disappointed if you make Tech your choice. Good luck!