Daiane Domingos Sampalo


Hi friends, this is Daiane Domingos. I am from Sampalo, Brazil. I am a graduate student majoring in public relations and former basketball player for Tech. I love Tech for its great support to athletes and hardworking students.

I was recruited to the basketball team for Tech in 2005. Since then, I have enjoyed every bit of my student life at ATU. People are so friendly and they received me kindly and really made me feel at home whenever I enter the campus. Moreover there is lot of support from the Athletic Department.

The most important thing I love at ATU is its food. It is very good and which means I have gained some weight! I can say there are countless things to love about ATU. It has a great international student services office conducting activities all year, so many student organizations, and great staff with great infrastructure, lab help, tutoring centers, fast internet accessibility, great on-campus apartments and intramural grounds.

I want each one of you to work hard because you can go nowhere without hard work in life. Enjoy your college life the best way possible. The true friends you make during this college time will be with you all your life. Have fun and be happy.