Noaman Rasul

Originally From: Islambad, Pakistan
Current Resident: Geneva, Switzerland

Hey, this is Noaman Rasul and I am originally from Islamabad, Pakistan but I am resident of Geneva, Switzerland. I am currently majoring in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics with a minor in Engineering Physics.

After my high school I began looking for colleges. I was looking for two things, cost and the curriculum of the major I want to study. Arkansas Tech University was on top of my list satisfying all my requirements. I like this small campus setting, the friendly environment from staff to students and flexibility offered for courses towards my degree. This is the reason Im going with two majors and I still want to go for another major. The faculty at Tech is amazingly helpful and supportive. They are highly educated and have strong connections to industry. They have played a key role in my growth at Tech. There is nothing to dislike in Tech because everything is perfect to move towards success.

Coming to fun, I am having a blast. I love my studies, my friends and my job. Tech has a lot of on-campus activities going on throughout the year. I really enjoy being a part of them. I haven't traveled much, but I made a lot of good memories wherever I went. I have visited New York City, Washington D.C, St. Louis and Atlanta. However, I plan to visit a lot more places after my graduation.