Nabil Oumimoun


My name is Nabil Oumimoun and I am from Morocco. I came to ATU in August 2007 seeking the opportunity to fully immerse myself in a culture far from my own and to get a degree from an American university with a good reputation. Besides the opportunity to travel and meet new people, the fact that it actually counts towards my degree was a huge drawing card.

Before coming here, I applied to different universities for admission, but I chose Tech for one reason. Through the admission process, the staff at the International office (IMSSO) was very helpful and responded to all my questions and concerns, and seemed so nice and friendly. This fact gave me a first idea of what to expect from the people at Arkansas Tech.

During my stay here, I never imagined that I would meet so many cool and interesting people from all over the world and learn about the things that unify us as well as the things that make us unique. In fact, not only did I learned so much about Japanese, Chinese, Indian and other wonderful cultures, but also I had the chance to experience the traditions. I got to taste their delicious meals and learn a word here and there from their languages. I also had the chance to experience the American way of life through my local friends their families. It was a pleasure to join them for Thanksgiving and 4th of July celebrations, which was an opportunity for me to live the events Ive seen on television since I was a kid.

In addition, I have learned many things about the United States that I did not know before. One of these things, as small and unimportant as it seems but it had a great impact on me, is the love for soccer. I thought that maybe soccer is not a big thing in the US, but I was mistaken. I will never forget such wonderful memories I had with my friends on the soccer field doing what we do the best. It is true that we all speak different languages. Mostly English is our way of communication, but many of us are still trying to learn as others are more experienced. However, we definitely all speak the language of sport and understand each other.

It is way too hard for me to pick one thing that stood out as being the best thing about my experience at Arkansas Tech, as everything was absolutely awesome! However, I must admit that the opportunity to be friends with people from all around the world was a definite highlight.