Lashard Bullard

Nassau, Bahamas

Hi, I am Lashard Bullard, and Im from Nassau, Bahamas. I am a sophomore, majoring in Accounting and I play football for Tech. The main reason I choose Tech is because it has so many international student activities in which I am much interested in. I strongly believe that we can make more friends if we are involved in the activities. Tech has so much going on all the time for the international students.

Another very important thing about Tech is the experienced staff. I can say I have learned a lot after I came here. Tech is a big campus with small classrooms. Wherever you go around Tech, you will find friendly people who want to help you. I have already made many friends from different countries as well as American students.

I like the location of Tech. It is located in small town in which you can find everything you need. More importantly, you can find a calm environment and great weather throughout the year. Arkansas is known as The Natural State. You can find gorgeous scenery all over the state without paying a single dollar.

My suggestion to the freshmen is that you will never be disappointed after coming here. It was my best decision to come here. You will definitely learn a lot. It is great environment to study in and don't forget to get involved in the international students activities. They are lot of fun and you will gain lot of friends.