Diaa Alqusairi Aleppo


What made you choose ATU?

I chose ATU because it has one of the best Emergency Management programs in the US, and it is situated in a peaceful and nice city and state.

What do you like most about going to school in the U.S.?

The comprehensive and well-rounded programs US universities generally offer, and the linkage between theory and practice available in the US academic system.

What do you miss most about Syria?

Well, for sure my family, especially my mother since she influenced and supported me greatly throughout my whole life. I cannot forget her.

Advice for new international students:

Do your homework as fast as you can and meet American people. Make them your friends and family and tell them about you and your country. Live the American culture and bridge it with your culture. Be happy and enjoy your studies here in the US.

Advice to American students wanting to befriend international students:

International students are fun to be with. They will offer you an entire new perspective on a lot of things. Meet them, learn from them, and make them a part of your community. They will add a lot to your community and life.