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Welcome to Online Enrollment

Announcing online enrollment for employees of Arkansas Tech University

Dear Associate,

Thank you for choosing to open an HSAToday Health Savings Account. With our online enrollment feature, completing the enrollment process is very simple and convenient. Just complete these five easy steps:

Step 1: Go to https://secure.myrsc.com/HSAEnroll

In the upper right-hand corner of the landing page, click the green Enroll Now button.

Step 2: Confirm eligibility to open a Health Savings Account.

Select Yes to the right to each of the four questions about current health insurance coverage, Medicare status, and tax dependent status, then click the green Continue button.

(If you cannot answer Yes to all four questions, select Cancel instead and see your Plan Service Provider for more information.)

Step 3: Enter personal and contact information.

Step 3 includes two different screens:

  • After first entering your Employer Code 81995920, supply your personal information, choose a user name and password, answer three security questions, and click the green Continue button.
  • On the second screen, fill in your contact information, then click the green Continue button.

Step 4: Choose contribution methods and debit cards.

Contributions can be made post-tax, pre-tax, or both.

  • To make post-tax contributions directly from a checking or savings account, select "Direct Distribution and Contribution" and provide bank account information.
  • To make pre-tax contributions through deductions from your paycheck, select "Payroll Deduction" and fill in the amount per payroll you want to have deducted.
  • To request a linked debit card, check-mark the box to verify agreement and provide name(s) to be put on the cards. Receive up to two cards at no charge. Names on cards cannot be identical.

Click the green Continue button.

Step 5: Review.

Review your information and selections. To make any changes, click the green "Edit this Section" link next to the information you want to revise. When everything is correct, click the green I Agree button.

Congratulations! You have now opened an HSATodayâ„¢ health savings account. Once approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your new account.



Please contact your Plan Service Provider for more information on this email or on your health savings account:

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123 Main Street
Anytown, US 72201

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