The University Honors freshmen for Fall 2007 were the first group required to participate in the volunteer program. University Honors students are required to complete a minimum of ten hours of on-campus service each semester during the sophomore year. Each student is responsible for keeping signed volunteer time sheets and turning these in to Dr. Jenkins before Reading Day each applicable semester.


Please make sure that you are reliable. If you volunteer for a service project, please make sure that you complete the time for which you volunteered. You must work a minimum of one hour each time you show up to work. If you do not show up, or if you leave early without making arrangements in advance, Dr. Jenkins will be notified, and you may be removed from the Honors Program. Students are not to use their cell phones at any time during their volunteer service, either for verbal or text communication, unless in case of emergency or to contact Dr. Jenkins. Student is engaging in this service voluntarily. If the student feels at anytime that he is incapable of engaging in the particular service project because of physical limitations or otherwise, he should immediately contact the Director of the Honors Program.


Volunteers shall not be required to drive a vehicle. Volunteers shall not be used to conduct the personal business of any individual (i.e. pick up clothes from the cleaners, babysit, etc.). Activities serving the interests of an individual or student organization ordinarily will not count as service. Participation in most extracurricular activities (e.g. holding office in SGA or cheerleading) will also not count as community service. Volunteers should not be required to work more than four hours in one day. No work shall involve power tools, hazardous chemicals, heavy lifting, or any other object that would normally be considered dangerous. Volunteers are not to be given access to confidential records, nor should they be used for work normally done by work-study or non-work-study student personnel. Volunteers should never be responsible for the care or supervision of minor children. Volunteers should never be required to interact with individuals charged with or convicted of felony crimes or sex offenses of any type or nature. Volunteers should never be placed in an environment where discrimination based upon race, religion, sex, color, national origin, disability, age, or veteran status is known or suspected to exist or to have existed previously.