Symposium Presentations


 Spring 2020 Graduate Symposium


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 3 Minute Thesis




Biruk Mekonnen

Information Technology

Watering Hole Cyber Attack on 
the United States Department of Labor



Chris Casey

Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Assessing Cybersecurity Mitigation 
Efforts in Nonprofit Organizations

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15 Minute Presentations




Aaron Tormanen

Fisheries & Wildlife Science

The Impacts of Prescribed Burning and 
Mechanical Thinning on Insect Communities
in the Arkansas Ozarks Presentation



Lisa Stanley

Strength & Conditioning

Recovery Methods for Running Aerobic 
Endurance Athletes



Araks Ohanyan

Fisheries & Wildlife Science

Age- and Sex-specific Habitat use and 
Survival of Rusty Blackbirds in Arkansas 



Kalina Smith

Liberal Arts

Feminist Pedagogy



Satya Batchu

Information Technology

Neural Disorder Diagnosing System


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               Click HERE to Access Poster File

Michael Ikwuyum

Electrical Engineering

Fabrication and Characterization of PEDOT
PSS Films for Organic Solar Cells


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We are very thankful to our judges who have graciously volunteered their time to participate in this event in an attempt to help students in developing professionalism in their presentation of research.


Dr. Jordan Thibodeaux, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Ekong Peters, Assistant Professor of Emergency Management 

Dr. Melinda Wilkins, Professor of Health Informatics

Dr. Jennifer Helms, Professor of Nursing

Dr. Gina Kraft, Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education

Dr. Sandy Smith, Professor of Emergency Management

Dr. Ellen Treadway, Associate Professor of Teaching, Leadership, & Learning