Graduate student Orientation

Transitioning to a new college environment is a process and requires time for exploration and to build connections. Considering this, it is our hope that by participating in the Webex virtual orientation experience, students will increase their understanding and knowledge of resources on campus designed to help them successfully manage this transition. In addition to the virtual orientation, we hope the orientation courses will assist graduate students with:


The following courses are designed to assist your transition into graduate school. These courses is 100% online and are self-paced.  Once you have reviewed the materials, complete the online survey. We value your feedback!

Remaining Virtual Session Dates:

Fall-August 10th (5:00-6:30pm virtual session via webex)  RSVP @  


( New Graduate Student Orientation-Summer| To Access the Blackboard Portal click here:)


( Graduate Assistant Orientation-Summer| FOR GRADUATE ASSISTANTS ONLY)


( New Graduate Student Orientation-Fall|To Access the Blackboard Portal click here:)


( New Graduate Student Orientation-Fall| FOR GRADUATE ASSISTANTS ONLY)



Will be available at the live session or within the orientation courses once enrolled.


 For specific questions regarding the Graduate Orientation, please contact the Graduate College at 479-880-4112 or