Graduate Ambassador: Andy Sinay

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MED Special Education

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A first-generation college student, Andy Sinay graduated from Arkansas Tech University in December 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. He is currently working on obtaining his Master’s in Special Education through Arkansas Tech. 

Throughout his undergrad, Andy developed a love for working with students with exceptionalities. He learned from his professors that things in life are like puzzles, and the more you live the more you find the pieces to solve the puzzle. Every student is different and all it takes is one teacher to make an effort and take a chance. Learning how to better assist every student with their needs pushed him to continue his education. 

His love for education and music allowed him to continue working in both special education and in music. Andy Sinay is currently teaching as Math Resource Teacher in Berryville Arkansas and is the percussion instructor for the Berryville High School Band.

“I chose Arkansas Tech because of the music program, but being around the education program, I realized that what I love to do is teach. Music was the avenue to my dream. And that is why I came back for my Master's at Tech.”