Graduate College Events










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Grad Workshop

RPL 332

 Aug 29 5-5:30



Thesis defense Submission

 April 22, 2022

Thesis defense must be completed and Thesis Oral Defense Form must be submitted to the Graduate College. This is also the last day to submit final version of thesis and/or project.


Reading Day

 April 27, 2022

Last day to submit a notification to the Graduate College for comprehensive written examinations, if required by the program.


Last day to submit the final version of the dissertation

 May 2, 2022 

Last day to submit the final version of the dissertation. The Graduate College will provide successful candidates with publishing information.


Graduate Graduation

 May 7, 2022



Interested in events involving attending Arkansas Tech as a Graduate Student and learning more about programs? Check the Recruiting Events page for information about upcoming fairs.