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Arkansas Tech University offers its Masters of Liberal Arts Degree to those seeking something outside the normal bounds of a single discipline-based program. The MLA at Arkansas Tech is about reaching beyond into the interdisciplinary realms. Whether it's to deepen one's knowledge as a teacher, professional, or simply as a scholar, students have three major fields to choose from: Communication, Social Sciences, or Fine Arts.

The MLA degree requires 30 hours of graduate work. Arkansas Tech University offers a variety of Financial Aid for those who qualify. For more information, please follow the helpful links on this page, or for questions, please contact Dr. Wilson at (479) 968-0482 or by e-mail 


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What Is the MLA Program?

The Arkansas Tech University Master of Liberal Arts is an interdisciplinary program that allows the student to create his or her own curriculum from the following departments:

While you are required to complete 12-18 hours of major concentration work in either Communications, the Fine Arts, or the Social Sciences, your responsibility is to decide which combination of fields is the most advantageous for you and your interests. This is the ideal program for the more creative and independent student. Any questions or concerns can be directed toward your advisor, but you are free to design and incorporate interesting fields as you see fit, as long as you adhere to the overall graduate college requirements.

This program is ideal for students who see connections between varying departments, and are able to creatively apply a combination of disciplines toward a final goal.

Another rare element to this program is the option to complete the program in three ways:

  • Creative Project (with approval)
  • Research Project (minimum of 35 pages)
  • Exam
What Will I Learn In This Program?

The MLA degree is suited to the student who is interested in graduate study in the liberal arts, but is not interested in a research degree in a specific arts discipline or in a graduate degree in a technical area. The MLA is useful for middle school and high school English, speech, theatre, journalism, and social studies teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of the areas they teach. Other professionals who have specialized educational backgrounds, but who have an interest in the liberal arts, will also find the MLA attractive.

The MLA degree has three areas of concentration: Communications for those interested in English, journalism, language, linguistics, literature, and speech; The Fine Arts for those interested in music, theatre, art and music appreciation; Social Sciences for those interested in American studies, geography, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology. The goals of the Liberal Arts program include the ability to:

  1. Generate writing that demonstrates an advanced ability to analyze and synthesize.
  2. Conduct original research.
  3. Demonstrate familiarity with interdisciplinary study.
Where Can I Get More Information About the MLA Program?

Deborah Wilson, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Director, MLA Program
Witherspoon Hall 145
407 West Q St
Russellville, AR 72801
Phone: (479) 968-0482


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