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Program Director:
Dr. John Freeman

The Ed.D. in School Leadership requires the completion of 63 credit hours above the Master’s degree. It is a degree that is intended for scholar/practitioners who will be involved in field-based applied research in partnership with schools, or other educational agencies, and who will apply new knowledge and skills at work, and as a result improve learning and achievement in schools. Because this degree is specific to the field of school leadership, a building-level certification as a leader (principal or instructional leader) is required. In addition, while not required, experience in a school leadership position is highly recommended.

Admission Requirements

Electronic Transcripts AND all other documentation can be received at: Paper copies can be mailed to 1507 N Boulder Ave, Tomlinson 113, Russellville, AR 72801

Program Requirements

There is only one area of concentration for the Ed.D. in School Leadership, but there are two tracks for students to achieve the degree. The degree requires 63 credit hours of graduate work above the Masters. A student may enter the program with only a Master’s degree. Those students may complete the program in nine semesters. To do so will require taking three courses per semester (2 – 7000 level courses and 1 – 8000 level course). The course sequence for this track is provided below.

If a student has completed an Ed.S. degree from an accredited university program, that student may enter the program needing only six semesters to complete the degree. Those students will take two 8000 level courses per semester for a total of 33 graduate credit hours. Those students who completed the Ed.S. at ATU can transfer all of those credits into the Ed.D. program. If a student completed the Ed.S. at another university, the Director of the Ed.D. Program will review the courses and if they are aligned with the ATU Ed.S. program, they will be accepted. However, it is possible that students who did not complete the Ed.S. at ATU may have to take additional courses at the 7000 level in addition to the prescribed 8000 level courses. The final determination as to whether these courses will be accepted will be made by the Program Director and the Dean of the Graduate College.

The 33 hour doctoral-level courses (8000-level) required for completion of the degree are as follows:

Course Descriptions

Where Can I Get More Information About the Educational Leadership Ed.D. Program?
John Freeman, Ph.D.

Phone: (479) 964-3236



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