Thesis Submission Guidelines

The first draft must be submitted electronically (i.e. Microsoft Office format) via email attachment to by the date specified on the official Thesis Timeline by the Thesis Chair. The Graduate College Reader will check for form, style, and accuracy of documentation as well as for clarity and major errors in grammar.

The Graduate College Reader will return the thesis for corrections through email. The thesis student will then need to make the desired corrections and return it to the Reader via email. This procedure will be repeated until the document is error-free. The deadline for submission of the final draft may be found on the Thesis Timeline.

The Graduate College Reader will request all printing information from the student. This will include the student's name, contact information, major, abbreviated thesis title* (if necessary), and total number of printed thesis copies you want to purchase (two are required).

*Please note, bound thesis copies only have room for a 15 word title on the spine. If your thesis title is longer than 15 words, you must provide an abbreviated version.

Once the thesis is approved, the Reader will send instructions to the thesis student on how to upload the thesis to the ProQuest website for electronic publication.

The Thesis Defense Form and Student Permission form, with all original signatures, should be brought to the Graduate College in Tomlinson 113 by the date indicated on the Thesis Timeline.

Upon receipt, the Reader will forward a PDF copy of the work to the library for printing and binding. The thesis student, program director, and committee chair will also be included on this correspondence. The student will then receive an invoice for the printing and binding fees from the library. If thesis students want to purchase more than the required two copies, they must inform the Graduate College upon submission of work. Thesis students must pay printing and binding fees for thesis copies on or by Reading Day.