2021 Graduate Student Symposium

 Spring 2021 Graduate Symposium



 IN Person Presentations



Taylor Whillock

Student Affairs Administration

Gaining Insight from Faculty Experience



Matthew White

School Leadership Doctoral

Polices and Practices Regarding Transgender Students


Drew Saunders

Business Data Analytics

Teacher Views about COVID-19 and vaccinations 



Araks Ohanyan

Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences

Winter Habitat Use of Rust Blackbirds (Euphagus carolinus) in Arkansas
2nd place


Brian Mallory

Student Affairs Administration

Time Out for Tech: Discovering Why ATU Students Delayed

Holly Haynes

Student Affairs Administration 

Students' Paths to College


Virtual Presentations


Amber Robinett

Student Affairs Administration

Money or Grades: Student Employment's Effect on Academic Performance

Harry Henry-Ojo


Influence of Polymorphims in Dopamine Regulating and Receptor Genes on Aspirational Quality and Approach Motivation


Spencer Hurlbut


Speak up Hattie


Carice Godbey

Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences

Influences of Interior Lest Tern (Sternula antillarum) colon success: Site Features, Disturbances, and Predation

1st Place


Mackenzie Douglas

Student Affairs Administration

Improving Student Athlete Mental Health Programs



Tekyesha Gault Anderson

School Leadership, Doctoral 

Representation of African American/Black Men Educators in K-12 Public Schools' Impact of Recruitment, Retention, and Responsibilities to Education


Jecy Weber

Emergency Management and Homeland Security

Red, White & Boom at Scioto Aubudon Operational Plan

Cierra Collins

Student Affairs Administration

Mental Health Awareness for College Freshman



We are very thankful to our judges who have graciously volunteered their time to participate in this event in an attempt to help students in developing professionalism in their presentation of research.


Dr. Gina Kraft, Program Director Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education

Dr. Carl Greco, Department Head and Professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Ellen Treadway, Program Director and Associate Professor of Teaching, Leadership, & Learning